Welcome Welcome!

Welcome to my first post on Clumsy Cursive! As you’ll see, this blog certainly doesn’t know what it is just yet. But it’ll get there. I appreciate anyone and everyone bearing with me along the way because I can promise I have oddles of fun ideas for posts. I just have to figure out the best way to get them to you.

I won’t make too much of a fuss over this first post (and it’s among my priorities to keep these relatively short). So here you have it. The intro post.

Perhaps the thing I want most to leave you all with is this: I try a LOT of things. And a LOT of things don’t go well. I plan to embrace that. So you will see some faux pas posts in here. I do NOT live a perfect bloggy lifestyle with daintily decorated parties and an effortlessly chic bar cart. (A girl can dream though.) I set off smoke detectors and leave sinks full of unwashed dishes. There’s a mod-podge stain on my couch in the shape of a paw print from when my cat walked through a project.

So here’s to first attempts. And mistakes. And forgiveness, dear readers. So much forgiveness.

Cue: Cliche’d beginning of a journey image.
Movin on up