Kitchen Touch-Ups (aka “Measure twice, cut 14 times more than that”)

I don’t know about you folks, but I absolutely am not in the Christmas spirit yet. I put up my tree, but it still doesn’t feel real. Another week of being in school doesn’t help matters. I digress.

Inspired by an absolutely adorable little home tour from DC, I decided to give my kitchen a little sprucing up. I mean a very little spruce. But it’s the little things, right?


(Photo links to site)

(Photo links to site)

She has so many things on her walls! I need things on my walls. So I decided to start with my kitchen.

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On getting OFF of their blogs and INTO my own…

I, like probably most bloggers everywhere, have a vision of my future in DIY blogging heaven. I get all the invites. I meet all the cool, well-dressed women with perfect manicures. I pore over my reader’s comments with a cup of tea steaming nearby. I know what the fuck I’m doing.

Unfortunately, for now, that remains an elusive dream. But it’s completely and totally my fault. I spend SO much of my time reading other people’s blogs, I let my own (or its potential at least) fall by the wayside.

I made a commitment to myself a month ago about posting at least 3 times a week and made it through all of my first post. Full stop. It’s time I shape up.

I’m not sure if I can totally abide by a number for posts. Numbers are very nice for resolutions and holding myself accountable, but my life is unpredictable and I keep a strange schedule. So for now I will try to post regularly. That might mean a couple posts a week followed by a week with only one. Who knows. But regular postings.

It’s a step.

So I bid you all adieu in the spirit of recommitment. (Think of this as a very early New Year’s Resolution.)

Be is resolved!


Who ISN’T into Fall these days?

It’s freaking Fall, guys! Autumn. The Best Season. September-November (and technically most of December if you follow the rules). In other words, it’s one of the most glorious times of the year. I say “one of” because I generally start to itch for the next season to roll around at the end of every. single. season.

And so in the spirit of Fall, I made a list. I love lists. I feel a little bad posting this bad boy so far into the season, but I promise I made it a long time ago. I just got a little sidetracked in the process.

Fall Bucket List

Here it is! Currently, I’ve done of the 4.5 of the 11 big ones on here (haven’t gotten to Hocus Pocus yet, but I can FULLY recommend Halloweentown). AND there’s a butternut squash currently roasting away in my oven!

Which ones have you folks tried out there? Where my PSL addicts at?

Enjoy! And hopefully I’ll see you again very soon!


PS – It is SO hard to type with a band-aid on one of my most important typing fingers (i.e. my right middle). I suffer for my art.


Welcome Welcome!

Welcome to my first post on Clumsy Cursive! As you’ll see, this blog certainly doesn’t know what it is just yet. But it’ll get there. I appreciate anyone and everyone bearing with me along the way because I can promise I have oddles of fun ideas for posts. I just have to figure out the best way to get them to you.

I won’t make too much of a fuss over this first post (and it’s among my priorities to keep these relatively short). So here you have it. The intro post.

Perhaps the thing I want most to leave you all with is this: I try a LOT of things. And a LOT of things don’t go well. I plan to embrace that. So you will see some faux pas posts in here. I do NOT live a perfect bloggy lifestyle with daintily decorated parties and an effortlessly chic bar cart. (A girl can dream though.) I set off smoke detectors and leave sinks full of unwashed dishes. There’s a mod-podge stain on my couch in the shape of a paw print from when my cat walked through a project.

So here’s to first attempts. And mistakes. And forgiveness, dear readers. So much forgiveness.

Cue: Cliche’d beginning of a journey image.
Movin on up