About the Blog:

This blog isn’t totally sure what it is yet. For now, it’s open to interpretation and experimentation. It’s whatever I or my fictitious readers want it to be.

Ideally, there will be some food. Some booze. Some crafts (but I can’t sew). And some cats. I also love lists. So there will be a lot of lists.

Any and all requests are welcomed and celebrated.


About the Blogger:

A 23-and-a-half year old copywriting student living in Atlanta, GA. In a serious relationship with Apollo the cat, but very aware of how crazy that makes me. I want a puppy, but I’m not at that stage of life just yet.

I like to try new things, but I don’t get too upset when they don’t go that well (which is often). I may or may not have lived without a smoke detector for 6 months because I got tired of it going off.

I’m from a smaller town that most people would guess. I graduated with 36 other people and can still name all of them. Once, I was called “city-folk” and that made me infinitely happier than it should have.

If there’s anything else I forgot to mention, feel free to ask. I live on my laptop.

And yes, I write everything in cursive.


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