Kitchen Touch-Ups (aka “Measure twice, cut 14 times more than that”)

I don’t know about you folks, but I absolutely am not in the Christmas spirit yet. I put up my tree, but it still doesn’t feel real. Another week of being in school doesn’t help matters. I digress.

Inspired by an absolutely adorable little home tour from DC, I decided to give my kitchen a little sprucing up. I mean a very little spruce. But it’s the little things, right?


(Photo links to site)

(Photo links to site)

She has so many things on her walls! I need things on my walls. So I decided to start with my kitchen.

I purchased that tiny kitchen conversions print you see in the cutest apartment there ever was (^^ up there. Not in my apartment. YET.)

(Photo links to shop)

(Photo links to shop)

I foolishly believed I would get it custom framed since it’s a funky shape.

PSYCH. (Remember when we used to say stuff like that?)

I brought that bad boy (8″x14″ or so) in to Michael’s with a 50% custom framing coupon. Even with that discount, that shit was still going to cost me OVER $100 . The print only cost $10 and I even had trouble shelling out the extra $10 for shipping! So I politely declined their offer and trudged home with an unframed print.

Fast forward through my disappointment and I decided to tackle it myself.

2 sheets of mat board from local arts supply store Sam Flax, 1 badass ruler, 1 blade, 1 pencil, and 1 cutting board. I ordered the frame online on . It was actually a terrible frame and I do not recommend, but I also do not like sending things back.

It’s a very good thing those boards were so enormous because I cut mats out of both sheets every conceivable wrong way first, then FINALLY, 25 sharp blades later, I had something I was all right with. It’s imperfect if you look close.


There are frayed edges, it’s not straight, there are fingerprints everywhere.

BUT I DID IT. I didn’t want to pay $100+ so I did it for around $50 including the frame. I’m pretty proud of myself.

So without further ado, I give you the finished product. But actually it’s just a shot of my kitchen. Because that room is too narrow to actually get a shot of the frame.

My quaint little kitchen

I can delve into my cactus flowerpots and other dead plants on the windowsill another time. They were a quick little project for a rainy day.

What about you folks? Been sprucing up anywhere in your teensy little apartments? Or is everyone too focused on the yuletide spirit?


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