On getting OFF of their blogs and INTO my own…

I, like probably most bloggers everywhere, have a vision of my future in DIY blogging heaven. I get all the invites. I meet all the cool, well-dressed women with perfect manicures. I pore over my reader’s comments with a cup of tea steaming nearby. I know what the fuck I’m doing.

Unfortunately, for now, that remains an elusive dream. But it’s completely and totally my fault. I spend SO much of my time reading other people’s blogs, I let my own (or its potential at least) fall by the wayside.

I made a commitment to myself a month ago about posting at least 3 times a week and made it through all of my first post. Full stop. It’s time I shape up.

I’m not sure if I can totally abide by a number for posts. Numbers are very nice for resolutions and holding myself accountable, but my life is unpredictable and I keep a strange schedule. So for now I will try to post regularly. That might mean a couple posts a week followed by a week with only one. Who knows. But regular postings.

It’s a step.

So I bid you all adieu in the spirit of recommitment. (Think of this as a very early New Year’s Resolution.)

Be is resolved!


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