Who ISN’T into Fall these days?

It’s freaking Fall, guys! Autumn. The Best Season. September-November (and technically most of December if you follow the rules). In other words, it’s one of the most glorious times of the year. I say “one of” because I generally start to itch for the next season to roll around at the end of every. single. season.

And so in the spirit of Fall, I made a list. I love lists. I feel a little bad posting this bad boy so far into the season, but I promise I made it a long time ago. I just got a little sidetracked in the process.

Fall Bucket List

Here it is! Currently, I’ve done of the 4.5 of the 11 big ones on here (haven’t gotten to Hocus Pocus yet, but I can FULLY recommend Halloweentown). AND there’s a butternut squash currently roasting away in my oven!

Which ones have you folks tried out there? Where my PSL addicts at?

Enjoy! And hopefully I’ll see you again very soon!


PS – It is SO hard to type with a band-aid on one of my most important typing fingers (i.e. my right middle). I suffer for my art.


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